The Sound Relationship House

Foundation is defined as “an underlying basis or principle for something.” It is synonymous with thoughts such as: a starting point, the core, and the heart of something. We all strive to build a solid foundation when we think of building a life together.  As we move through time , we are able to recognize the importance of having a strong basis on which our relationship is built.  It helps us to move through things with more confidence and allows us to work together to get through life challenges.

The Gottman’s came up with the concept “Sound Relationship House” which describes what research has shown to be important in building a good relationship.  It provides a strong foundation with concepts that will keep you on track with your relationship. The different parts of the “house” address things such as: a strong friendship base,  how to manage conflict, and creating shared meaning.  These concepts are important to keep in the forefront when making the transition to parenthood.

The Bringing Baby Home program will allow you to take your first steps to building your own Sound Relationship House.  It will provide you with the foundation to ensure that you and your partner maintain a strong and satisfying relationship as you embark on your journey to parenthood.  The BBH challenge will provide you with more information on the SRH concepts and how to begin incorporating them into your daily routine through the “challenge” portion.  Let’s start forming some healthy habits to build the foundation that your new family deserves.  Sign up through the following link Upcoming Events to start building your own Sound Relationship House.

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