Making Your Relationship a Priority

I often see couples in my office that are feeling disconnected from each other.  We explore and celebrate the good things in their relationship starting from when they first met to where they are today.  During this process, couples begin to identify when they started to drift apart from each other.  Some even are surprised by how long it really has been since they spent time together as a couple with no distractions.  These distractions can come in many forms: children, work obligations, activities, social media, etc.  I often find myself saying things to normalize this type of story so that the couple feels that they are not alone in their struggle.  We all get off track in our relationships and sometimes this can cause a disconnect.  This story is true for many couples and one that I hear way too often.

I often ask myself “what is missing” that we continue to make the same missteps that cause our relationships to become disconnected? What can couples be doing that could help them not make that misstep a big accident. I am not saying that anytime we take a misstep that our relationship is doomed.  Many couples are able to recognize that they are drifting apart but it is what they do after this recognition that counts.  There are many options for couples to turn that misstep into a positive.  It means taking the time to invest in the relationship and recognizing the importance of the relationship over other things.  I think that may be what is missing…the fact that we often do not make our relationship a PRIORITY.

Like I mentioned, there are many ways to turn our missteps into positives.  When we have the tools to turn things around this can make things a lot easier.  I feel that the Bringing Baby Home offers a lot of tools to help you prevent a “big accident.”  It offers you ways to stay connected to your partner through your journey and if you happen to take a misstep you can go back to your “training” the things you learned to stay connected.  My goal is to not have to normalize the story of disconnect that I so often hear.  My goal is to give you the tools to stay connected and when you get off course you have a great road map on how to get back on track.

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