What Makes YOU Happy?

When was the last time you thought about what makes you happy?

We often get the message that if we are not “doing” then we are not being productive.  Some people may consider an individual that is not always “doing” as being lazy or unmotivated.  This type of attitude has caused many individuals to neglect one of the most important things in their lives…themselves.  One of the most common topics discussed in my office involves making time for self-care.  Encouraging people to make a shift from always “doing” to taking the time to find joy in some of the smallest moments.  The shift from a negative perspective on their day to seeing something more positive.  I believe that doing “small things often” can help with making this shift to a more “happy” life.

I welcome you to take time for yourself and follow the upcoming Happiness Challenge the month of March.  Before starting this challenge, I would like you to think about  where your level of happiness is currently.  You may do this by gauging it on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the happiest you have ever been and 1 being the lowest of lows.  I would like you to revisit your level of happiness at the end of the challenge to see if there is a shift.  You can follow the challenge on “Small Things Often” Facebook or Instagram pages.  You will find a daily quote and thought for the day that you can comment on in whatever forum you feel comfortable.  So, spring into action this March and make it a month of happiness !

Enjoy Your Journey,


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