It is the time of year when we begin to contemplate the need for change as we welcome the New Year. The holiday season may have you so preoccupied with “busyness” that you have not considered what you may need to change for yourself.  This workshop will help you gain awareness of the stages of change and how to be more mindful and reflective as you work to stay true to your intentions.

The combination of yoga practices and art can be helpful in connecting with your creative self and allowing space for you to be more open minded and curious in your journey.  If you are considering signing up for this workshop you are already in the state of  contemplation.  This workshop will guide you in the following:

·       Journal prompt around contemplation to consider before workshop 

·       Building an intention through visualization and breath work which will lead you to create a piece of art using watercolors that represents a sense of yourself that came up during the visualization.

·       An asana (movement friendly to all) practice to get you into the action stage and help with the embodiment of being courageous as you continue your journey of change. 

·       Creation of a piece of art using watercolors with the prompt to embody the idea of excellence with the acknowledgment that sometimes doing your best is the key to maintaining change.

·       Exploring the struggles that you face with change through a visualization and then creating a piece of art using watercolors to help with addressing these struggles.  This part will help you to get back on track during relapse and stay true to your intention. 

The workshop is beginner friendly and no prior experience with yoga or the creation of art using the noted mediums is necessary.  The space will provide a  non judgmental attitude toward other participants and self throughout the afternoon along with workshop leaders to help guide you along your path of exploration in a compassionate manner.   Join us in this unique offering that connects you with your creative soul and infuses yoga practices that can guide you in making sustainable changes this coming year.  

January 30th 10am-1pm

Location: Mommy Gear Lower Level 107 S. St Clair St., Ligonier, PA 15658

What to bring:

·       Journal 

·       Yoga Mat and any props that you use on a regular basis

·       Comfortable clothing that allows for movement 

·       Light refreshments will be provided but you are free to bring beverages and snacks of your own if you prefer.  

Sign up at this link:


Finding the Love Within Mini Workshop: Practices to Build Love and Self Compassion into your Lifestyle.

February is all about showing love to others BUT imagine if you would take the time to show love to yourself on a regular basis? This mini workshop will guide you in exploring ways to give yourself a little love everyday of the year. 

  • Explore the concept of self compassion through journaling and guided meditation.
  • Engage in a (friendly to all) yoga asana practice with love and kindness toward self being the guiding intention. 
  • Guidance in setting a smart goal to help you build love and self compassion into your daily life.  

This mini workshop is a great opportunity to take time for yourself and reflect on ways to show yourself a little love everyday!  It is beginner friendly and great for anyone open to mind body experiences.  

What to bring:


Yoga mat and Props you need to feel Comfortable

Clothing that allows for movement and comfort 

Location: Mommy Gear Lower Level 107 S. St Clair St., Ligonier, PA 15658

Date 2/27/22

Time: 10am-11:30am

Cost: $25

Early Bird of $20 if you sign up before January 31st, 2022

Sign up at

This 6 part series will allow space for exploring ways to stay connected to your true self through mind-body experiences.  The workshop will be informed from the guideposts taken from Brene Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection and put into action through mind body experiences including but not limited to: meditation, breath work, yoga asana, creation of art, journaling, and insights gained from group wisdom.  Participants will leave each session with new insights around the designated topic through a variety of unique mind-body experiences in a safe and compassionate space.  The insights gained will assist with each participants journey to finding the way back to their authentic self.  Attendance to all sessions is recommended to get the full experience of the series. 

What to bring:

·       Yoga mat and props to make you feel comfortable

·       Journal

·       Clothing that allows for comfort and movement

·       The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown (optional) Link to Book on Amazon


4th: Introduction to Ideas/Development of Community

11th: Cultivation of Authenticity & Self Compassion

18th: Cultivation of Resiliency & Gratitude

25th Cultivating Intuition & Creativity


1st: Cultivating Play, Rest, & Stillness

8th Cultivating Meaningful Work & Laughter/Dance

Time 6pm-7:30Pm

Location: Lower Level of Mommy Gear, 107 S. St. Clair St, Ligonier, PA 15658

Participant Ages 13-18 years old

Sign up:

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Read More Information about this offering at the blog post  Means to Inspire

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