Hiking Challenge Hike #2

June 25 @ 9:00 am 11:00 am

Join MWA for this 5-part hiking series from May through September that builds on mileage and different terrain each month. We will be exploring different areas within the Youghiogheny River
watershed to connect and enjoy the natural world. More information provided upon registration about location and what to bring.


Mountain Watershed


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5 Part Hiking Series with MWA

May 14 @ 9:00 am 10:30 am

Join MWA for this 5-part hiking series from May through September that builds on mileage and
different terrain each month. We will be exploring different areas within the Youghiogheny River
watershed to connect and enjoy the natural world. A great opportunity to: build strength, gain stamina, connect with nature, and make new friends.

Hike #1 (2 miles)

Join us for a 2 mile hike along the Indian Creek Valley Trail! This is a out and back hike on a crushed limestone surface with a small grade. The starting point for the hike will be at the parking lot of the Indian Creek Valley Gorge Section near Camp Christian.  

Who can come?

10-12 participants to not overwhelm the trail, appropriate for adults and young adults (10-18 years of age).  

What you need:

  • You will want to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in freely (jeans are not recommended).  Please dress appropriately for the weather that day. 
  • Closed toed sturdy hiking shoes or trail runners
  • Water and any snacks that you choose to bring
  • Any other items you need to feel comfortable 
$0.00 – $24.00 Free but Must RSVP

Mountain Watershed


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Mindful Nutrition

April 24 @ 10:00 am 1:00 pm

If you are seeking a way to identify and process long held beliefs about food, are sick of the diet roller coaster ride, want to learn to love your body, and dream to experience food freedom…this workshop is for you! 

Join us as we explore how our ideas and beliefs around nutrition effect our overall wellbeing. We will be utilizing conversation, beginner friendly movement, meditation, breath work, and reflection to cover some of the following topics: 

• How “what we consume” effects us through the different layers of our being. 

• Mindful Eating Habits

• Nutrition for Healthy Living

You will walk away with a different perspective around how you think about food and the various ways we are affected by what we “consume” from our culture on a daily basis. Our hope is that you will be able to incorporate some of these concepts into your daily lifestyle practice to have a more balanced way of how to feed your mind, body, and soul. 

What to bring:

• Journal

• Yoga mat and Props you need to feel Comfortable

• Clothing that allows for movement and comfort 

Light Refreshments and Foods to enjoy mindfully will be provided. 

You will also receive a packet of information discussed during the workshop for your own reflection along with ways to implement the ideas and concepts into your lifestyle as you choose.
The workshop will be from 10am-1pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled and acquainted with your surroundings. 

Refund Policy due to there being limited spaces for the event. 
You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel 3 days prior to the event. You will receive a full refund minus a $2 cancellation fee for processing your credit card if I am able to fill your spot within those 3 days. If you are a no show without notification you will not be refunded. You always have the option to put the cost towards another workshop sponsored by Small Things Often, LLC. Please feel free to discuss extenuating circumstances with me on a case to case basis.

$65 Early Bird Pricing

Small Things Often, LLC


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Mommy Gear

107 St Clair Street
Ligonier, Pennsylvania 15658 United States
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February Book Picks

I am super excited to discuss the two books I have chosen for the month of February!

Brene Brown is a researcher/storyteller that has dedicated years of studies to the following concepts: shame, vulnerability, courage, and empathy. I have been following her work for the past 3 years and think she has some valuable ideas to share.  I am hoping that book club members will enjoy her as much as me!

Book 1

Dare to Lead is about challenging people to recognize the potential in others and listening to new ideas.  A great leader will take these individuals and ideas and develop them.  The book includes 4 skill sets to help develop the skills necessary to be a great leader.  We are all leaders in some way and this book will help us to develop the skills to strive to be better in our community and profession. Brene also provides some great guides on her website Dare to Lead Hub  that we can utilize for our book discussions.  Check out this small clip to learn more about Daring to Lead !

Book 2

The Gifts of Imperfection addresses the topics of self love and acceptance.  In our current world environment learning to be authentic in our lives and have self acceptance is a necessary.  This book will challenge you to move through your life journey whole heartedly.   Book club discussion Reading Guides are also available on the website for this pick! I have also participated in several of Brene’s online trainings and have some additional resources for this book.  Check out this small clip to learn more about Gifts of Imperfection !

I feel that either of these books will provide great inspiration for the book club members.  I am hoping to provide some other exercises from Brene’s work into our meeting in March for our hour of self development.  The benefits of attending the upcoming Meet & Greet will allow you to vote on the book you would most like to read for our kick off book.  If you can not make it February 10th but plan on attending in March for the official start of the book club you can reach out to me through my  Contact page and I will count your vote!

Please take the time to check out each book further through the links provided!

Enjoy your Journey,





Choose Yourself

I have come to find that many people do not understand the concept of engaging in self-care. In their eyes this concept is a foreign entity. Most people are preoccupied by taking care of others or “being busy” that they often forgot to take care of themselves. When asking people to prioritize things in their lives they often forget to include themselves on that list. How can any of their other priorities get met if they are unavailable to do them? This is typically an “I opener” to most people and challenges them to take a hard look at how they are not putting themselves at the top of the “to do” list.

“I am too busy to fit self -care into my schedule” is the next thing I typically hear from people. I often explain to people that self-care is more of a way of being rather then something else you must fit into your schedule. You must care enough about yourself to incorporate things into your daily routine. In the long run it can prevent you from struggling with things such as illness or psychological stressors that may put your “busy” life to a standstill.

There are several areas in your life that you can engage in self-care: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and professional. I am going to provide a brief break down of activities to give you some ideas of what may be included in each area. Physical: engaging in aerobic activity at least 3xs a week, scheduling preventative medical care, and getting enough sleep. Psychological: say “no” to extra responsibilities, read literature that is unrelated to work, and relaxing your muscles throughout your day. Emotional: play with animals, do something for others, and laugh. Spiritual: spend time in nature, have a gratitude practice, and engage in creative activities. Professional: take time to eat, set limits with clients/colleagues, and have a comfortable workspace. The ideas given are just a small snap shot of what you could be engaging in on a regular basis. If you would like a more extensive list, please reach out to me Contact and I can provide this to you. I also welcome you to make up a list of your own ideas and challenge yourself to incorporate these things into your daily routine. You may already be engaging in some of these concepts but do it on a less consistent basis. Your challenge may include moving the activities from “sometimes” to “frequent.”

I hope that this post has given you some insight into the importance of making yourself a priority. The benefits of doing so are endless. In the big picture, it can help you improve relationships, your productivity and overall happiness in life. A great way to start off on your journey of self-care is attending my Book Club Meet & Greet: Upcoming Events .  You can read what the book club has to offer with my previous blog post Means to Inspire. We will be engaging in self-care activities that cover all areas discussed in this article on a monthly basis. It would be a great first step in making yourself a priority. I challenge you to put yourself at the top of your priority list.

Enjoy Your Journey,


Means to Inspire

The idea of starting a book club that provides an inviting environment for people to come together and gain inspiration has been slowly blooming in my head for over a year now. I am a helper by nature and am always seeking new forums to provide people with opportunities to grow and change wherever they may be in their journey.

The actual construction of this idea has been put into action over the past few weeks. Slowly but surely it is become a reality and something that I want to offer to others. I am looking for an eclectic group of people to join me in this adventure. You should be willing to get out of your comfort zone to participate in discussions and activities during our time together to get the full benefit. I hope to ensure a respectful and kind environment to make everyone comfortable (therapist goals creeping in).

My hope is that our selection of books will also be eclectic and not stay within a genre. However, the common theme of all the books will be that of an inspiring nature.

Members will meet for a monthly (2nd Sunday of the Month) gathering with a time commitment of two hours. One of these hours being committed to socializing with an activity to promote wellness and growth. The second hour being for book discussion and choosing our next book. I am hoping to have a theme for each month but that is a work in progress.  Nino’s Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania has graciously given permission for meetings to be held there.
I am holding a Meet & Greet on February 10th at 5pm at Nino’s Restaurant. This would be around the time and day our typical meetings would occur. This event will provide people with the opportunity to meet me and gather with others that may be interested. I am providing this to ensure that this is a good fit for people before they make the commitment to the group.
Make sure to check out my website smallthingsoften.com and like my Facebook Page Small Things Often  for more information on the event.

Enjoy Your Journey,


Hello 2019

Small Things Often has been on hiatus with posting regular blog posts for the year 2018. My goal is to change this for 2019. I apologize for my lack of diligence in this area. A quick update is in order to get everyone back on track.
The year 2018 led me in a new direction in my capacity for helping others. I am excited to announce that I started my yoga teacher training this fall and am currently working towards my RYT 200 with Satya Yoga. I felt a draw towards learning more about yoga over the summer months and chose to follow the universe on this pull. A blend with yoga continues to occur with my recent completion of my grief therapist certification. I will be applying for my certification with the start of 2019. In addition, I will be attending a grief yoga teacher training in February at Kripalu. I am thrilled to blend my experiences of being a therapist into the yoga world and feel that this can be a great benefit in my work with others. I hope to continue making connections that will enable me to provide unique ways to work with people in a variety of environments. Stay tuned for all the ideas and thoughts that get conjured up in me during my long hikes. This is the year my ideas are going to start coming to fruition! I have chosen the word “try” to motivate me this year. I hope that you also have chosen a word to keep with you throughout the year. Think of this word as a reminder of the goals you have set for yourself for the coming year! Feel free to share yours with me in the comments!

Enjoy your journey,